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Curious if Facebook Ads will work for you?

  1. identifying your perfect customer (we call an Avatar)
  2. Customize ad targeting to reach that Avatar
  3. Create a Lead Magnet to Draw in your customer a few examples (Contest, Drawing, Free information about your product or service)
  4. Craft a custom-built Facebook ad with good graphics and ad copy for your lead magnet.
  5. Design a Lead Page to capture their name and email
  6. Set up an email autoresponder to communicate with the new potential customers on your email list.
  7. This email list is your company's new gold to mine.
  8. Setting up a good email campaign to follow up with your new leads goes a long way. (Yes we do that too!)
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In today's world, the fight for people's attention is harder, that's why it's important to stay on the cutting edge of today's marketing and to stay where people's eyes and ears are.


Social Media, especially Facebook, is the world's largest social media channel with over a billion users, Facebook is the single most effective platform for marketing in the internet era!


Seems these days everybody has their head buried in their phone, mostly browsing social media channels. So that is where we come in, we help businesses put together a social media blueprint to strategically reach your specific customers and leverage that to increase your customer base and return on investment.


Schedule a meeting with me today for a free social media marketing audit and we'll craft the perfect strategy for your business and take your Social Media Marketing to the next level!

A Facebook ad campaign is far more than just boosting a post, a proper
Facebook ad campaign has several key ingredients to make it successful.
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