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Welcome, I'm glad your here! 
Over 20 years of combined design & content experience

I'm Randall Lang


Owner of Live and Local Media, I have a passion for helping small business thrive instead of just survive, It started back in 1993 working in real estate when I saw a need for a better form of marketing for the manufactured housing market, so with my wife, Dawn we started a real estate magazine specifically for manufactured homes and communities, and it was a success, helping dealers and communities better reach their potential customers.


Then a few years later we added a website with a searchable database to even make it easier for people to find the perfect manufactured home. Unfortunately, when the housing market crashed in 2008 it greatly affected our client's businesses and in turn affected ours and we had to close the doors.


But that didn't end my entrepreneurial spirit and my passion for helping other businesses to succeed. which is why I started Live and Local Media putting my marketing talent and knowledge of Social Media Marketing as well as Video production to work for small businesses to increase their brand awareness and their bottom line.


My family and I live in Swartcreek Michigan A quaint small town located west of Grand blanc and Flint. 


Besides always being a student of my craft, (marketing) I enjoy Kayaking with the family, mountain biking, traveling, and fishing occasionally. and on top of all that I started a Live and Local Facebook page for Linden (Live and Local Linden) and neighboring Fenton (Live and Local Fenton). I'm shooting Live and recorded Facebook videos for local events and spotlighting local businesses and now we are adding a section to our website to highlight Local businesses shop Local Fenton Linden and a Facebook Page Shop Local Fenton Linden that will further help local businesses.

Marketing is my passion and I like helping people succeed!

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