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Professional Camera

Video on a  budget?

Hi I'm Randall Lang
an amateur Videographer/Photographer
I have been using video and photography for about 3 years in a semi-professional manner.

I know not everyone can afford a seasoned professional videoagrapher or photographer and pay the thousands those can cost, so I wanted to offer my services at a price that will fit most any budget.

Instead of having a friend or family member do it and miss out on the festivities, let me help you out!

Video on a Budget Logo.png

I can do wedding highlight videos or any special occasion you want on video
I can also do Senoir Pictures
or Resume photos for profesionals

Feel free to call me at for prices.
or email me at

Wedding Highlight Video

Feel free to skip ahead in the video for different parts of the reception
DJ Services by Youngs Entertainment

Photography Samples

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